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Olli Hess

Professional Chakra Mallet CH 2

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Professional Chakra Mallet CH 2

Mallet for the laryngeal chakra

The fifth chakra is located slightly below the larynx and stands for clarity and communication, among other things. With the use of this Chakra Mallet in meditative sound work with gongs or singing bowls you can release blockages and harmonize your body.

Perfect for longer meditations and sound journeys

In energy and chakra work, the throat chakra represents self-expression, clarity, communication and the wisdom of one’s own body. Due to its light weight, the Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH2 is especially suitable for gong meditations, sound journeys and intuitive playing. Even after prolonged use, there are no signs of fatigue in the arm or hand. Instead, hitting it feels simple and easy.
The Chakra Mallet conjures wonderfully bright and clear tone variations from your gong or singing bowl. Depending on how intensively and with how much dynamic is struck, the sounds range from gentle and soothing to rousing and vitalizing.

Light weight and ergonomic shape

The professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH2 is with a weight of only 65 grams pleasantly light in your hand. The ergonomic shape of the handle developed by Olli Hess is characterised by a slight thickening at the end of the slender wooden handle. This adds to the light-hearted feel of the game. Due to the length of the handle, the Chakra Mallet is also very suitable for sound massages.

Head made of natural rubber

The head of the mallet consists of a soft natural rubber core, which is insulated in different ways. This allows the Mallet to give you a particularly wide variety of sounds when playing gongs or singing bowls. The professional Chakra Gong Mallet for the larynx or throat chakra is suitable for gongs with a diameter of 40 centimetres to 2 metres as well as for singing bowls from 700 grams.

Waxed beech wood and fleece cover

When processing our materials, we pay particular attention to sustainability and durability. After all, we want you to enjoy our products for many years. The beech wood of the handle has been biologically waxed and the mallet head is covered by a durable, high-quality fleece. This also ensures that your gong or singing bowl does not get scratched when struck.

Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH2: completely vegan

In all our actions, it is important to us to protect the environment, save CO2 and avoid animal suffering. Therefore we use animal materials only in exceptional cases. The Professional Chakra Gong Mallet CH2 is completely vegan from the handle to the head.


Product features

Areas of application: Gongs with a diameter from 40 cm to 2 m, singing bowls from 700 g
Weight: approx. 65 g
Handle length: approx. 32 cm
Handle ø: approx. 12 mm
Head ø: approx. 5.5 cm.
Material: biologically waxed beech / natural rubber core, covered with wellness fleece (completely vegan)
Color: Indigo/light blue

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Damage from shipping

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