Our Story


**Our Journey in Resonance: The GongDwana Odyssey**

GongDwana – a sanctuary of sound crafted with heart and soul by the visionary Steve Mazabow. As a dedicated sound healer, accomplished musician, and a devoted Yin Yoga teacher, Steve's journey is a symphony of discovery, seeking out the world's most harmonious instruments and sound tools. His mission is simple yet profound: to sow seeds of peace, love, unity, and well-being across the tapestry of life gracing this magnificent planet.

In the melodious wake of Steve's odyssey, a suite of creative endeavors has blossomed. The Sound of Hemp Didgeridoos echoes the ancient breath of the earth, HeartSound Music serenades the soul's deepest waters, The Sound of Yin beckons a tranquil introspection, while Dreamdrone and the Murrah Dream Retreat invite one into reveries beyond the veil of the mundane.

The essence of GongDwana transcends mere musicality – it's a pilgrimage towards harmony. With a vibrant palette of unique gongs and their complementary accessories, GongDwana's mission rings clear: to deliver not just instruments, but vessels of joy, peace, love, and healing, to every corner of existence.

The name 'GongDwana' itself whispers of unity and timeless connection, an homage to the primal supercontinent Gondwana. Over 500 million years ago, this great land united Africa, South America, India, Madagascar, Australia, and New Zealand. Named by explorers in the 19th century, Gondwana symbolizes the primordial gathering of disparate grounds.

In the spirit of this ancient assemblage, GongDwana aspires to resonate a collective cadence of peace and love. May the resonant waves of these magnificent gongs and instruments bind us, reverberating through hearts and lands alike, just as Gondwana once cradled the world in its embrace.

With every strike and hum, GongDwana's story unfolds – a testament to unity, a melody for the soul, championed by Steve Mazabow and shared with the universe.