Collection: Asanoha Gongs

Asanoha Gongs 

Discover the transcendent beauty and resonant power of our uniquely crafted gongs, meticulously etched with the traditional Asanoha pattern. This ancient Japanese motif, symbolizing vitality and enduring health, is carefully inscribed on each gong, enhancing its aesthetic appeal and spiritual resonance. Ideal for sound healing, ceremonies, yoga sessions, tea ceremonies, and shamanistic practices, these gongs produce deep, soothing tones that promote relaxation and healing. The intricate Asanoha etching not only enriches the visual experience but also infuses each sound wave with a profound cultural heritage, making it a perfect instrument for practitioners seeking to deepen their spiritual practice and create a serene, harmonious environment.

The Asanoha (Hemp Leaf Pattern)Derived from its name asa (hemp) and ha (leaf), this Japanese pattern draws inspiration from the hemp leaf's structure - resembling six-pointed stars, the design signifies growth, strength, and durability, as hemp thrives even under harsh conditions