Collection: Ayahuasca Shipibo Gongs

Ayahuasca Shipibo Mandala Gongs

Ayahuasca Shipibo Mandala Gongs, with its unique design created by renowned tattoo artist Stephanie Amaterstein, is a true fusion of art and spirituality. Infused with the essence of Shipibo ceremonial traditions, this gong features intricate mandala patterns that echo the deep symbolism of Ayahuasca journeys. Amaterstein’s masterful artistry brings a contemporary touch to ancient spiritual motifs, creating a visually stunning and sonically transformative experience. Perfect for those drawn to the profound wisdom of the Shipibo, this gong invites you to elevate your ceremonial practices, offering a gateway to deeper meditative states and spiritual awakening. Embrace the harmony of sound and sacred design as you explore the depths of your consciousness with this extraordinary instrument.