Collection: Gong Mallets

A whole lot of heart and soul and great love for sound goes into every single ollihess Gong Mallet. OlliHess manufacture mallets – also called gong mallets – by hand in family-run factories and rely exclusively on sustainable materials. All our products have been developed from our own experience – always with the goal of creating the best sound experience for you.

To help you find the perfect fit for your gong needs, we'd like to offer these recommendations:

Recommended OlliHess mallets for the following gong sizes:

Gong 40cm – 2meter
Lite 100 and Lite 200
Gong 50cm – 2meter
Gong 70cm – 2meter
PGM-L350 and PGM-L460
Gong 95cm – 2meter
Gong Mallets