Collection: Spiral PLATINa

Spiral  PLATINa  Gongs 

Origin of the  PLATINa
from Spanish: silvery element, from plata silver, from Provençal: silver plate

Experience the ultimate in sound healing gongs with Spiral PLATINa Gong

Introducing the Spiral PLATINa Gong, crafted with over 275 years of gong-making history and forged with alchemy of Chromium, Nickel and Manganese. Hand-made and hand-forged with fire and water in the traditional way, this gong is an ideal instrument for sound healing, music therapy, ceremonies, yoga, and meditation! Feel the energy of these powerful vibrations today!

Delight in over 275 years of gong making history with its alchemy of Manganese, Chromium and Nickel and its hand forged, hand hammered design. Harness the therapeutic powers of sound and vibration to create calm and wellness in your practice.