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Super Orbs Set of 3 Friction Mallets Flumies

Super Orbs Set of 3 Friction Mallets Flumies

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Super Orbs Set of 3  Friction Mallets, Flumies, Rub Mallets by @GongDwaa

Each mallet is individually handmade and tested in Australia by @GongDwana

  • The  Super Orbset set includes 3 sizes 
    1 x 77mm / 3 inch head
    1 x 60mm / 2.4 inch head
    1 x 45mm / 1.7 inch head

    The outstanding features of the Super Orb mallets are:
  • High Quality handmade rubber ball head is crafted from NON TOXIC rubber specifically made for outstanding sound and durability.
  • Carbon fiber rods, super strength and lightweight.
  • Expanded head grip allowing delicate control.
  • Titanium resonance rim, isolates ball from fingers for enhanced sonics.
  • Tested on over 150 different types of gongs.

Each mallet is handmade in Australia using the highest quality non toxic and tested rubber heads, carbon fibre rods with grips and titanium resonance rims.

Ideal for gong sizes 19" to 80" 

Please note you will receive random coloured balls heads

The Super Orb  Flumie Friction Mallets, or Flumies, are a special kind of gong mallet. They don't play the gong like a regular mallet.  No, they use the power and wonder of friction to create sounds.  By dragging the head of the friction mallet across the face of your gong, you can make the gong sing without striking it.  This creates sounds ranging from Whales singing to the deep sonorous chants of the Gyuto monks.

Each Super Orb hand crafted set by GongDwana and incorporates a 77mm, 60mm and 45mm  rubber sphere on a carbon fibre rod. The friction mallets are balanced, tuned and weighted for ease of use and player comfort and sonic resonance.


  • Diameter of playing head 77mm, 60mm and 45mm
  • Handle Length 25cm
  • Handle diameter 3mm with 5mm grip point and titanium resonance rim

Please allow a variance of +/- 1-2mm on the rubber balls head sizes as each ball is handmade.





Delivery Information

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